The Best College Graduation Gifts

graduation giftsAfter years of hard work, someone close to you is completing their education at a higher institution. In your mind, you’re thinking of getting them a gift. But what are the good graduation gifts for college graduates out of all good gifts?

The perfect gift is hard to find. Because this is an everlasting memory, you want this to be something your new grad will cherish and look back as something special.
However, most people don’t think of this: the most pressing issue and help that a new grad could use is help in finding a new job. What if you could give them the gift of finding a new job?

Many people resort to simply giving cash or cutting a check to their new grad, only for the money to get frivolously spent on video games and excessive pizza deliveries. Finding a job is tough enough. Wouldn’t you like to know your gift is helping your grad toward a future CAREER, not a future beer gut?

Introducing iEmployed – a powerful way to help your new grad find a job!

How does iEmployed work?

  • Step 1: Register your free account at iemployed.com
  • Step 2: Pick 3 companies you would like to work for
  • Step 3: Submit your resume
  • Step 4: Wait and receive feedback directly from hiring managers


Job search assistance for college graduates is that rare gift that both you and your grad will feel good about.

Your new grad gets peace of mind from having professional guidance through every step of the employment search process. You get the satisfaction of knowing your gift actively improved their chances at the future they've always dreamed of. Picking out a memorable college graduation gift is hard enough. Don’t throw away your money for a gift on something that will not benefit your new grad.

iEmployed contactGive them the gift that you KNOW will help your grad immediately and in the long run – the gift of steady employment. Having a source of income will help your grad better assimilate into the real world, learn necessary budgeting and financial skills, and build self-confidence. Isn’t that the greatest gift you could give?

Get your new grad the gift of finding a job!