About Us

iEmployed was started by veterans of the staffing industry to help job seekers find employment in the most effective way. How? By helping them simply reach out to hiring managers directly. Many job seekers are very frustrated that their resume is not getting any traction:

• Job boards are not effective since your resume is lost in a black hole
• Job boards do no give you feedback if your resume has reached a hiring manager for consideration
• Your resume piles up in a stack of hundreds in an inbox
• Your resume is filtered out with keywords on a job board

iEmployed provides a service that helps to fill that gap, to get your experience and skill-set noticed. Utilizing iEmployed helps a job seeker:

• Pick 3 companies they want to work for
• Receive feedback from managers at those 3 companies
• Assigned your own portal for status updates
• Resume assistance and preparation
• Assist with offer negotiation advice

iEmployed -select any companies you want to work for and iEmployed will get your resume to the hiring managers, 100% guaranteed. We can help you find a job.

iEmployed can also be purchased as a gift for a loved one or family member. Prospective job seekers have received excellent feedback from managers using iEmployed. iEmployed is offered as a service in the US and internationally.

Who do we help?


If you have been unemployed for more than 1 month iEmployed can help you to increase your chances of landing a job. We offer 3 job assistance plans from you to choose from.

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Military Veteran

Finding a job after finishing your arm force duties is always difficult for someone who has been out of the civilian job for more than two years.

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New Job Opportunities

Whether you’re changing careers or just seeking new job opportunities, iEmployed can help you get hired. Pick your top three companies from our list of hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, or add your own top three, and iEmployed will submit your resume directly to the hiring managers of those three companies. Your new dream job is just a sign-up away.

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College Graduate

With little experience and few connections, a college graduate faces many challenges and increasing competition when it comes to finding a job. But don’t let this seemingly arduous task overwhelm you-use iEmployed to get into direct contact with hiring managers and get that much closer to your dream job. Opportunity is knocking.

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Looking for a gift?

They say it’s the thought that counts, but why give knick-knacks and other traditional trinkets that will never be used when you can give a smart, long-lasting gift instead? iEmployed gives you the ability to give the gift of job security. Pay for a gift membership and your recipient will
receive a full-package service which will get them in the door of their dream career.

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Job assistance

Whether you’re a seasoned employee or just starting out, iEmployed is the best place to get job assistance and beat the roadblocks of a traditional job search. iEmployed sends your resume directly to the hiring managers of any three companies you select, drastically increasing your chances of being hired. Not only that, but iEmployed provides resume and interview assistance, offer negotiation advice, regular status updates, and more! Love what you do and love where you work with help from iEmployed.

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